Ducati Monster 1200


Monster Essence

The new Monster 1200 fully embodies those values that have seen bikers’ hearts race for over 20 years. A sports icon that is totally renewed while staying faithful to the values that have made it unique: even more beautiful, even more technological, still unmistakeably Monster.

A forward-looking icon

The muscular line, the trellis frame and the unmistakable elements like tank and headlight confirm its role as a contemporary icon ready to define the future of naked sport bikes.


100% Monster

The Monster 1200 has undergone a major upgrade: design, chassis, engine and electronics, nothing has been left unchanged. The whole bike has been thoroughly revised to make it better, more powerful and more enjoyable.

More compact and sporty design
More powerful and performing engine
More responsive and agile chassis
Richer and more sophisticated electronics

A contemporary icon

The new Monster 1200 has been redesigned to make it more compact, slimmer and with sportier proportions. The lines and the volumes unmistakably recall the legendary Monster, reinterpreting it in a contemporary way. Moreover, the new Monster 1200 sees the return of the tank hook that was included on the first Monster designed by Miguel Galluzzi.

More compact and sporty design

The tank - from the beginning an iconic element of the Monster - has been redesigned but remains muscular streamlined and compact at the same time. Even the size and proportions of the tail were retouched, making it more agile and dynamic. The profile of the tail develops through the number plate holder directly attached to the tail itself, just like on the first Monster.

New Liquid Concrete Grey

The new Monster 1200 expresses and modernises the concept of a true sport naked bike while remaining faithful to the lines of the bike that hit the market in 1993, and is available not only in the traditional Ducati Red but also in the brand new Liquid Concrete Grey, a shiny pastel grey that combines with the black frame and rims to add value and a modern look to the bike's profile.

Technological and iconic headlight

The headlight, while maintaining the Monster's classic round shape, is now more modern and technological. The Daytime Running Light (DRL) system was also added for the first time to the Monster family, making the new Monster 1200 unmistakable on the road even during the day.


Even safer and more fun

The engine, more powerful and robust at every speed, the compact size, a renovated chassis and updated electronics ensure maximum riding pleasure and, at the same time, maximum safety.

The latest evolution of the Testastretta 11° DS

The latest evolution of the Testastretta 11° DS has been improved and updated from every point of view. The new Monster 1200 is more powerful and has a greater maximum torque. Furthermore, the torque curve has become very flat, offering the rider an extremely robust and uniform behaviour even at low engine speeds. This ensures a ride without continuous gear changes, consequently more fun for sport use and more comfortable on urban streets. Moreover, the response of the engine is much more adaptable thanks to a new algorithm that manages the throttle opening according to the accelerator opening. The new Monster 1200 now meets Euro 4 standards.

More responsive and agile chassis

The chassis of the new Monster 1200 has been completely redesigned. The wheelbase has been changed appreciably, on the one hand shortening the swinging arm, completely redesigned, and on the other hand reducing the steering tube angle and trail. This significantly improves the handling and the reactivity of the front end. The pillion rider footpeg holders, now separate from those of the rider, make the bike visually more sporty, and at the same time improve rider's ergonomics.

The new Ducati Quick Shift (DQS)

The Panigale's Ducati Quick Shift becomes standard on the Monster family starting with the new Monster 1200 S, making it possible to change gear without using the clutch both when downshifting and upshifting. The DQS up/down system ensures more fun in sport riding and offers valuable assistance in city traffic and on winding roads.


Adapt it to your riding style

The pre-set Riding Modes allow the rider to optimise bike behaviour depending on riding style. Each of the three Riding Modes (Sport, Touring and Urban), is programmed to act on the electronic Ride-by-Wire (RbW) engine control system and on the ABS, Ducati Traction Control and Ducati Wheelie Control intervention levels. The three different settings, which can be further customised according to personal preference, allow a rider to have the ideal bike for any route, whether in city traffic or on out-of-town paths, perfect for expressing the real Monster instinct.

Richer and more sophisticated electronics

Thanks to the Bosch Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), both the standard and S versions of the new Monster 1200 incorporate Bosch 9.1MP Cornering ABS, the variable ABS that operates according to the bike's lean angle, and Ducati Wheelie Control (DWC). The advanced electronics package of the new Monster 1200, which also includes Ducati Traction Control, Riding Modes and Power Modes, enhances performance and helps the rider control the bike, thus increasing the level of safety on all road surfaces and in all conditions.

Endless excitement

The cutting-edge materials and technologies of the Ducati Testastretta 11° DS ensure particularly long maintenance intervals. With an oil change required every 15,000 km or 12 months and valve clearance check every 30,000 km, the values are of absolute reference for its category.

Monster 1200 S

The exclusive S version further accentuates the sporting spirit of the Monster, thanks to the fully adjustable Öhlins suspension, racing braking system, 3-spoke Y rims with exclusive “S” graphics and carbon rear mudguard. The front headlight with DRL (Daytime Running Light) ensures the Monster 1200 S is always visible. Available in brand new Liquid Concrete Grey, a polished pastel grey with black frame and rims, sporty and elegant, as well as in classic Ducati Red with black rims.

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Liquid concrete grey Ducati Red

Monster 1200

The spirit of the Monster, which has written naked sports bike history: Ducati Red colour, Ducati Red trellis frame, black rims. A timeless style icon that gets hearts racing at first glance.

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Sporty mood and maximum protection, always with unmistakable style.

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Free your Monster instinct

Three different Riding Modes, 147 hp, fluid and powerful delivery managed by the Ride By Wire system, top of line safety equipment: riding has never been so exciting. The road awaits you: free your sports instinct, unmistakeably Monster.


Technical specification


The Monster 1200 guarantees maximum riding pleasure without compromise thanks to the even more powerful Testastretta 11° DS engine, fluid torque and a perfectly balanced chassis that works in harmony with the latest-generation brakes and electronics. The seat, adjustable from 795mm to 820 mm, and the wide handlebar ensure manoeuvrability and practicality in traffic, while the compact aluminium swingarm and 1485mm wheelbase make it even quicker when it comes to leaning and changes of direction, enhancing the sports riding enjoyment and increasing versatility.

1198cm3 Testastretta 11° DS

The Monster 1200 is powered by the latest evolution 1198cm³ liquid-cooled Testastretta 11° DS twin, with 4 valves per cylinder, that unleashes 147 hp at 9250 revs and maximum torque of 12.6 kgm at 7750 revs. With a lambda probe for each cylinder, it autonomously manages and optimises power delivery, while the exhaust ports, with a 50-52 mm section, form part of a 2-1-2 type system, designed with two cylinders of identical length to maximise power and distribution efficiency. The engine of the Monster 1200 is Euro 4 homologated and competitive also in terms of its maintenance intervals, with a valve clearance check required only every 30,000 km.

Gearing and clutch

The Monster 1200 engine is equipped with a six-speed gearbox and anti-wheelie wet clutch, which can be activated with minimal effort. Thanks to a progressive engagement system, spring preload is automatically increased, ensuring greater sensitivity and optimum comfort even in city traffic. When torque at the wheel has an opposite action, the same mechanism reduces pressure on the clutch discs, allowing them to work in the anti-wheelie sports mode, stabilising the bike even during the aggressive shifting typical of sports riding.

Power and torque

The Monster 1200’s Testastretta 11° DS engine unleashes 147 hp at 9250 rpm and maximum torque of 12.6 kgm at 7750 rpm: thanks to the new throttle body and compression ratio raised to 13:1, it boasts an impressive torque curve even at low speed. Two spark plugs for each head and Mikuni Ride-by-Wire oval throttle bodies, with a diameter of 56 mm, offer greater regularity of the power delivery, for an even more enjoyable and exciting riding sensation.


The Monster 1200 uses the engine as a load-bearing element, with the trellis frame connected to the cylinder heads. A concept derived from racing, which allows for a very compact, lightweight frame, ensuring a dry weight of just 182kg and a kerb weight of 209 kg. The use of large pipes also ensures high torsional rigidity. Also connected to the engine are the new single-sided swingarm, which marries perfectly with the compact 1485mm wheelbase, and brand new cast aluminium rider footpegs, separate from those of the passenger to ensure greater freedom of movement during sports riding. The rear sub-frame seat support, also directly attached to the engine, has been redesigned to create a compact structure that can also bear the new passenger footpeg support brackets. The well-balanced chassis and wide handlebar allow the Monster 1200 to combine its innate sports attitude with surprising riding ease.


To fully express its sporty character and ensure maximum riding enjoyment, the Monster 1200 uses a rear shock that is directly attached to the vertical engine head and aluminium single-sided swingarm. The fully adjustable suspension differs between the Monster 1200 and Monster 1200 S models. The first mounts a 42 mm Kayaba fork at the front and a Sachs shock at the rear, with adjustable spring preload and rebound damping. The Monster 1200 S boasts a 48mm Öhlins fork with integrated adjuster and a fully adjustable Öhlins rear shock.

Rims and tyres

The Monster 1200 is equipped with 10-spoke rims in lightweight alloy, a 3.50x17 at the front and 6.00x17 at the rear, while the Monster 1200 S boasts 3-spoke ‘Y’ rims, made even more sporty with the exclusive “S” graphics. Both models use Pirelli DIABLO ROSSO™ III tyres, 120/70 at the front and 190/55 at the rear, produced in a double compound to offer resistance on long-range trips and heightened grip even at extreme lean angles. These high-quality tyres exploit Pirelli EPT, Enhanced Patch Technology, to maximise the area of contact with any lean angle, and FGD, Functional Groove Design, to optimise performance in wet conditions.


The Monster 1200 is equipped with two 4-piston Brembo M4.32 monoblock radial callipers at the front that act on 320mm discs, while the Monster 1200 S uses Brembo M50 monoblock callipers and 330mm discs. Both models have radial pumps for the front brakes with separate tanks and a single 245mm disc at the rear, with a two-piston Brembo calliper equipped with pads in a sintered material. The braking system is managed by the Bosch ABS 9.1MP Cornering system, with three different intervention levels that can be deactivated when necessary.

Ducati Safety Pack (DSP)

The Monster 1200, in both its standard and S versions, is equipped with the Ducati Safety Pack (DSP) as standard, which, thanks to the Bosch Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), integrates Bosch ABS 9.1MP Cornering, Ducati Traction Control (DTC) and Ducati Wheelie Control (DWC). An advanced electronics package that enhances dynamic performance, optimises control and offers a high level of safety.

Ducati Quick Shift (DQS)

The Monster 1200 S is equipped as standard with Ducati Quick Shift (DQS) up/down, an electronic system originating from racing bikes which allows the rider to shift to a higher gear without using the clutch or closing the throttle and without using the clutch but just with the throttle closed when shifting down.
The system acts in a specific manner when shifting up or down, integrating the action on the advance ignition and injection, in upshifting, with the opening controlled by the throttle valve (automatic "blipping" when the gear pedal is pressed in downshifting.
This system not only makes the sporting ride more enjoyable but it is also extremely helpful in city traffic and on winding roads where frequent gear shifts are required.
The DQS is available as an accessory on the Monster 1200 while it comes as standard on the S version.

Bosch ABS Cornering

Bosch ABS 9.1MP Cornering exploits the IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) to effectively measure out the braking power of the front and rear wheels even in critical situations and with a leaning bike. The system acts on three increasing levels of intervention, from a dedicated sports-riding solution, with ABS intervention only at the front and with no identification of rear lift, up to the maximum level of braking optimisation, with identification of rear wheel lift and the Cornering function activated and calibrated for maximum safety. Thanks to interaction with the Riding Modes, the system can offer solutions to suit all situations and riding styles. The ABS can be deactivated via the dash at any time and allows for settings to be recorded and reused at the next Key-On.

Ducati Traction Control (DTC) and Ducati Wheelie Control (DWC)

The Monster is equipped with the latest version of the DTC software, which identifies and controls any sliding of the rear wheel to increase performance and active safety. The system allows the rider to choose between eight different profiles with different intervention levels, each of which has been calibrated to offer a rear slide tolerance value that is proportional to the progressive levels of riding ability and the road conditions. DTC levels are pre-set for each of the three Riding Modes but can be personalised or deactivated depending on rider preference, as well as saved in the individual settings menus and reused at the next Key-On. The Monster 1200 is also equipped with DWC (Ducati Wheelie Control), which analyses the setting of the bike and manages torque and power to ensure safe acceleration and prevent any wheelies. As with the DTC, it is adjustable with 8 levels and is integrated into the Riding Modes.

Colour TFT instrumentation

The dash of the Monster 1200 boasts a colour TFT display with the three Core, Full and Track configurations, designed to show information relating to the three Riding Modes. In the Sport Riding Mode, the display adopts the exclusive Track configuration, showing only sports riding data while the rev counter graphic is reset with a layout in pure Superbike style. The TFT dash can be personalised and the viewing mode can always be selected independently of the selected Riding Mode.


The power/torque values indicated are measured using an engine dynamometer according to homologation regulation and they correspond to the homologated data, as quoted in the Bike Registration Document.